Over the years it has been a fairly highly debated subject among vegans. Thus, the simplest way to resolve it is to start out by considering some fundamental definitions. Let’s firstly define exactly what a vegan is. Usually, a vegan is identified as someone who doesn’t eat any animals or use animal products. Pretty simple no? Okay, so what about bees? Bees are insects, which certainly are a type of animal. That has been pretty self-explanatory as well.

Honey is NOT a Vegan Food

The argument becomes sticky in this case because many vegans claim that honey isn’t an “animal product,” but again this can be easily resolved. Typically, the definition of “animal product” identifies things such as for example dairy that come directly from animals body. Honey is what’s produced in a process where bees consume flower nectar, partially digest it, regurgitate it, then fan and lower the its temperature to create the substance that people know as honey. Now let’s see, honey is definitely made by and comes straight from the body of bees which makes it, by definition, an animal product.

Honey is  a Vegan Food

Now as promised, that has been pretty an easy task to resolve, however the debate is not going to end there. You can find some other vegans who claim that although honey is surely an animal product it is actually still vegan because, unlike cows, bees don’t experience pain which satisfies the purpose of vegans not making animals suffer. The only method to solve this argument would be to say that it simply depends on your perception of death. In case you see death as painful, than honey is probably not vegan because so many bees are killed during this process of being robbed of their hives.

So what?

Whether you place yourself on the side of the argument that’s for or against eating honey,  everyone can agree that there are several alternatives tha can be utilized as organic sweeteners. Some consist of organic raw cane sugar, raw agave nectar, barley malt syrup, blackstrap molasses, brown rice syrup, date sugar, maple syrup and much more. As such, if you dot’ want to debate the problem and just enjoy many of the sweet tastes of nature why not give a few of these a try? Not only are they a good option, but getting them doesn’t require inflicting any injury to any animals or getting trapped in an endless debate.