In case you are vegan, Halloween can get a bit tricky. Probably you don’t desire to deny your children the fun of trick or treating, or going to Halloween parties, but what can you do to make sure that they are still able to have a great time while enjoying vegan food and vegan candy?

The trick here is to be prepared. Why don’t you consider throw a Halloween party yourself? You can easily make only vegan food (or include non-vegan for the kids who aren’t, if you like). Or you can invite other vegan families to join in on a potluck type party and that means you aren’t in charge of everything yourself.

Needless to say, not everyone really wants to throw a party because of their preferences in food. That’s fine, as well. Respectfully ask the host of the party if any of the food is vegan and offer to have your son or daughter bring along several plates of her own. This will rarely be refused and it also means your kids will surely have fun, hit the party and still enjoy Halloween food.

Another issue is trick or treating. It’s surprising just how many candies actually contain animal products. Fortunately, there are lots that do not and as long as you do not mind lots of sugar one night of the year, there’s not really a justification to ban your children from trick or treating.

That being said, you will want to make sure to proceed through all their candy before you allow them eat it. Stock up on some authorized candy and trade your kids for their non-vegan items. They will be happy given that they still get candy and you may feel better that you are able to let them enjoy Halloween without compromising your daily life choices.

Which Candy Has Animal Products?

The trick is figuring out which candy to ditch and which to keep. You will need to consider the ingredients list first. If the candy does not have this, then jump online and discover on the website. All of the info should be there.

Milk chocolate and milk candies are pretty obvious, but most gummies also contain animal products in the form of gelatin. Some suckers may also be made with these kinds of ingredients, so be careful! Make sure you know what your kids are consuming before they eat it.

Having a stash of vegan candies readily available makes it easy to take pleasure from a vegan Halloween that your kids will remember as being simply awesome.