Here at Being-Vegan we really want to focus on the overall benefits of being vegan, not just animal welfare. Why? Because more and more people are looking at the plant based /vegan way of living as a way to regain their health.  So here are several health benefits of being vegan! We would love to hear your input and we’ll add your findings to our list.


What does it mean to be vegan?

Being vegan means health

More Fiber. When you eat a high fiber diet you are immediately doing your body a favor, especially when it comes to preventing colon cancer and obesity.  Imagine how much space 2 cups of broccoli, which is high in fiber, takes up in your stomach compared to 3 tablespoons of oil.  Which has more calories? Which will make you feel full and satisfied? Think about it!

Less Fat.  Animal foods contain a lot of saturated fat.  Want a healthy heart and a slimmer waist line? Reduce fat.  And remember, added fat in your diet also is a big factor in Type 2 Diabetes and insulin resistance.

Better Immune System.  It’s true!  A vegan diet that is well balanced and full of colorful and delicious foods is better than any supplement pill you can take.   Vitamin C, for example, is found in a variety of fruits and vegetables and is a major immune system booster! It is a powerful antioxidant and will help you heal faster.  Vitamin E is a warrior against Alzheimer’s and is terrific for your skin, eyes, and heart, and is found in nuts, greens and grains.

Healthy Protein.  So many people think vegans don’t get enough protein. Oh how wrong can they be! Most omnivores actually eat too much protein.   Great vegetables like broccoli have more than enough protein to keep you healthy.  Beans, lentils, soy, nuts, peas, the list goes on and on!

Fight Type 2 Diabetes.  Studies have proven that a healthy plant based diet can help drop glucose levels dramatically and, in some cases, reverse diabetes all together.

Healthier Hearts.   Cardiovascular disease is on the rise, and it’s interesting that this is happening as the standard American diet is more and more unhealthy.  Children are starting to show heart disease! Eliminating animal products from your diet and boosting your healthy plant based foods can help prevent heart disease and strokes.

Reduce Inflammation.  Dairy has long been associated with inflammation.  Reducing and/or removing dairy products from your diet has been proven to help with reducing the symptoms of arthritis.

Colon and Prostate Cancer Prevention.   Studies have shown that men in the early stages of prostate cancer have been able to slow and even reverse their cancer.     A diet full of healthy fiber from grains, fruits and vegetables can reduce the chances of colon cancer.

Healthy youthful skin.  Vitamin E and Vitamin A are important for healthy skin. If you eat a well balanced vegan diet you are getting a lot of great vitamins and health benefits, resulting in healthy, beautiful complexions.

Ease PMS Symptoms.  Removing dairy from your diet has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of PMS.

Allergies Relief.  So many people are allergic to dairy, meat and eggs and don’t even realize it.  Stuffy nose, sinus headaches, congestion, many of these symptoms are relieved by eating a vegan diet.

Lose Weight!  Oh yes, did we happen to mention you’ll lose weight? How do you not lose weight by eating a well balanced, low-fat, vegan diet? Think about it!
There are a million reasons for being vegan.  What are yours?