Quinoa has been appreciated in South America for more than 3000 years. It’s still cultivated primarily in Bolivia and Ecuador even though farmers in the southern states of the united states are now cultivating quinoa since it becomes a lot more popular. In the united kingdom it is available these days in a few of the major supermarkets along with the larger health food shops.

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is often known as a grain and is normally catalogued in the grain area of shops. It really is a seed from the plant that is linked to Spinach and Chard. It is possible to eat the leaves along with the seeds. Obviously the leaf version is available where it’s grown as it doesn’t store or travel properly. The seed version on the other hand is growing in production and is usually identified by nutritionists as one of the most beneficial foods when it comes to mineral and vitamin content.

What’s Quinoa Like?

The Quinoa seeds are small oval seeds 2 – 3 mm sized. They’re usually creamy yellow however red and black versions can be found in some countries. They are available in dry packs of 500g or 1kg ready to cook. You may use them as an alternative for rice or cous. Having explained this it can have its flavour and characteristics which make it quite flexible in the kitchen.

How to cook Quinoa?

The most basic approach to cooking quinoa would be to boil it in water and simmer for 10 -12 minutes. You need 1 portion of quinoa to 2 portions of water. All of the water is going to be absorbed by the Quinoa. Some quinoa still comes with a coating of bitter tasting saponins. In such a case you have to pre-rinse the quinoa to eliminate this covering before cooking. You’re unlikely to get coated quinoa because so many stores sell it pre-rinsed but its far better be sure.

After you have cooked the quinoa you can add it as a starting point for meat dishes rather than rice. You may also incorporate it in salads and soups. It assumes the taste of the foods you cook it with and offers it own small bite to the flavor.

Once the quinoa is cooked you obtain a little “tail” which is germ of the seed. It has a very enjoyable crunch to it once you eat it. For this reason people say it tastes a little nutty.

It is possible to microwave quinoa and place it in casseroles as a thickening agent. There are also quinoa flour and quinoa flakes that you could bake with. The flour isn’t like wheat flour and you also have to use your ingenuity to utilize it properly.

What’s special about Quinoa?

There are a variety of things that make quinoa unique. First of all it really is gluten free so for those who have to avoid gluten this is a great addition to their diet. In addition, it has all of the essential proteins so is perfect for supply vegans with vitamins and minerals they can’t get very easily from other foods. Lastly it releases its carbohydrates in the body very slowly therefore helps people who have diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome along with other dietary related diseases.