Vegan alternatives for sources of protein are numerous and good quality simultaneously as being low calorie and healthy. You have certainly heard about tofu but might possibly not have heard of tempeh. What’s the difference and which one is better? This post will respond to these questions and much more.


Tofu is made of soybeans and comes from China. First of all, soy milk is produced then the milk is coagulated and the curds, similar to cheese are shaped into smooth white blocks. Tofu doesn’t have much taste alone and really should never be eaten such as this. It should possibly be marinated or seasoned and pressed before flavoring. The more water you are able to press out of your tofu, the more room for seasoning.


Tempeh is also produced from soybeans but it is the soybeans themselves which are cultured naturally and subjected to a fermentation process. This technique makes the soybeans stay together into its solid block shape we observe in markets nowadays. It’s definitely a lot more meaty in consistency than tofu. Its origins are Indonesian and tempeh continues to be an essential source of protein in the islands.


The primary distinction between tofu and tempeh is the consistency. While tofu is smooth and without flavor, tempeh possesses a firm consistency and a stronger taste. As for nutritional value, tofu is full of proteins. A serving of tofu provides just as much protein as a similar portion of hamburger. Tofu is a great source of calcium, iron and B-complex vitamins, it’s lower in carbs and calories possesses lots of proteins: 20 grams per cup! Tempeh is frequently employed for veggie burgers, vegan cutlets and bacon. Tempeh is as well high in proteins at 30 grams for 1 cup and in addition has plenty of B-complex vitamins.

The winner

Since both sources of vegan protein are rich in protein and contain numerous nutritional advantages, which one is better? Well, the majority of vegan consume both on a regular basis as you can find countless tasty recipes which can be created with each one of these versatile vegan food items. Some state that tempeh is way better since it is slightly less processed, others state that tofu is way better since it is higher in proteins.

This is a personal choice in flavor since both food items are incredibly healthy. Tofu is flexible and takes on the flavor of whatever seasoning you provide it. It is ideal for making sauces, desserts, main meals, dairy substitutes like feta cheese and cream cheese and the list continues… Tofu soup, tofu steaks, tofu pot pie, pudding, cheesecake, etc… Tempeh isn’t really as flexible and is better reserved for a main meal, whether breakfast, dinner or lunch. Tempeh is ideal for producing reuben sandwiches, chicken salad, chili, stroganoff, tortillas and bourguignon.

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