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Vegan nutrition for seniors

Looking at transitioning to or continuing a vegan or plant based diet as a senior citizen? Everyone deserves good health, so why not?
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12 Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Here at Being-Vegan we really want to focus on the overall benefits of being vegan, not just animal welfare. Why? Because more and more people are ...
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Vegan Talk: What does it mean to be Vegan – to YOU?

Vegan Talk: What does it mean to be Vegan to YOU? In this Vegan Talk, we want to know if you think there should be a distinction between ...
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Composting Basics

As a vegan, there is a good chance you’re tossing out a lot of vegetable scraps. Did you know that you can create your own nutrient rich compost ...
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Plantain the Healing Wonder Weed

Plantain is a “weed”, used for thousands of years as a skin healer. Used properly it can help heal wounds and infections, and other skin problems from minor cuts through to eczema and bad sunburn. It is nature’s first aid kit.
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Thanksgiving Table

5 Tips to Survive the Holidays as a Vegan

Life as a vegan can be hard during the holidays. The special aroma coming from all those wintertime goodies and the pressure from friends that a ...
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Vegan Shoes

The Top 10 Vegan Shoes Stores

Vegan style is becoming popular with many items, with vegan footwear including heels, flats, comfort, loafers, boots, sandals, sneakers, walking, ...
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How to celebrate a Vegan Halloween?

How to celebrate a Vegan Halloween?

In case you are vegan, Halloween can get a bit tricky. Probably you don't desire to deny your children the fun of trick or treating, or going to ...
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Chocolate bar

How to make your chocolate bar last forever?

Chocolate is the one delicacy that appears to be universally loved, particularly when this chocolate is coupled with coffee. Chocolate is the other ...
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Vegetables stir-fry

The best way to cook your veggies

Vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients, antioxidants and fiber but watch out for the way you cook them because the nutrients ...
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